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Comments made by gfields

Masked/Unmasked Unveiled At Green Scene Gallery

I am a frequent listener to the local programming on KPBS and the program this afternoon on the photo exhibit "Masked/Unmasked" was one of the most compelling I have heard on the station.

I was lucky enough to attend the opening of the exhibit and see first hand the marvelous work that was the subject of the program, but listening to the interview and the commentary by the artists themselves gave their work an entirely new dimension. I was very impressed with the questions asked by host Maureen Cavanaugh, but it was the two artists, Rebecca Webb and Adriene Hughes who, in explaining what they were trying to accomplish through their photographic images, really made the program so interesting.

Both guests were extremely articulate in explaining the importance of issues related to women's identity in their work and how they challenged one-sided presentations of women. What was especially impressive to me was how both guests positioned their art within broader historical contexts. Rebecca Webb explained how she was influenced by a series of works by Goya in presenting a set of powerful images about women "of a certain age," while Adriene Hughes revealed how Greek mythology came to inspire some of her work about the ambiguities of women's identity and her own confrontation with, and recovery from breast cancer. All in all a really terrific and sophisticated program.

October 10, 2011 at 10:17 p.m. ( | suggest removal )