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Comments made by gingerlane

Feds Urge Fluoride Levels Be Watered Down

Full disclosure: The caller named Mark who talked of his daughter's allergy to fluoride is my husband, so our daughter is the one at risk here.

I find it interesting that scientists so easily discount parents experience, which is what I feel like Dr. Pollick did when Mark called in. Granted, if there was anything else happening in this situation, I would want to know about it, but the evidence was so clear. She had a fluoride treatment, she broke out in hives. Our family doctor was the one who diagnosed her, so we're not crazy conspiracy parents out to blame the hot topic. And when we started talking about her reaction we were surprised at the number of parents who had had similar experiences, especially as it was never presented as a risk.

Also, much like the comments above, I'm not convinced it does what it's supposed to do. We don't use fluoride in our home and our children have very healthy teeth. I credit their awesome diet more than their chemical intake. In fact, our 5-year-old has been resisting brushing her teeth and still came away with a beautiful check-up at the dentist last week.

I do appreciate the information from Ellie Nadler about the drastically lower levels expected to go into our drinking water than is found in toothpaste, but feel like this is more a politics and money game than a bunch of people who really want to improve the dental health of the population. Especially when they are so unwilling to respect parents concerns.

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Culture Lust Weekend: The Crucible, Genius of Soul, Halloween Parties

The vast majority of work MOXIE does is new work by emerging artist. And honestly, "The Crucible" rarely gets staged, so this take will in no way feel tired or old. When you see our season line up (found here: then maybe you'll get a better idea of the work we do.

Come see it, then let us know if you still feel like yelling foul. We almost always have a pay-what-you-can night on a Monday so if money is an issue, just come then. But much like voting, if you don't participate, I'm less inclined to listen.

Elaine Gingery,
MOXIE Managing Associate

November 2, 2010 at 10:01 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Which book should be the next selection for One Book One San Diego?

Nathan asked me to try again and it still says the same. Earlier, I tried to vote, was told I had to have an account, signed up for an account, tried to vote and was given the above message. It's likely it thought I was trying to vote twice, but at that time it was recording 0 votes, so I was a wee bit confused. Since signing up didn't return me to the voting page or inform me that my vote was counted, it just became confusing very quickly. With the return error message as it is, I don't know if it's not valid because it already counted it or if it simply is having a web-style panic attack!

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Which book should be the next selection for One Book One San Diego?

"We didn't record your vote, because it wasn't valid."

Um, what?

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