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Comments made by girlsontarget

Encinitas Parents Sue To Stop In-School Yoga

This continues to make me so sad. I think it's really highlighting the ignorance of those doing the suing. Yoga provides such an amazing way for kids to connect mind and body, build confidence, and lessen anxiety, not to mention all of the physical benefits it provides. None of that has to have anything to do with religion. I sit in yoga classes everyday with people from all religions; we're practicing together in one room and on the same feel good, have a clear mind, to do something good for ourselves, and to walk out feeling better than when we walked in. As a teacher who conducted yoga in my classroom, I've seen first hand the positive benefits it had on kiddos before tests and major projects, as well as how motivating it was to get the kids to think creatively and participate openly in their writing. It's time for people to open their minds and learn that just because one practices yoga, that does not mean one is a practicing buddhist or hindu. This ignorance is so disappointing.

February 21, 2013 at 12:59 p.m. ( | suggest removal )