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Comments made by glennstokes1

Mayor Filner Answers Our Questions, And Yours

RE Balboa Park. How can there be anything wrong with taking it slow and phase in low cost non-permanent traffic and parking alternatives. We need to at least try least cost solutions before ramping up to costly permanent changes that might lock us into new problems. I support Mayor Bob Filner's take it slow and affordable approach.

February 7, 2013 at 7:11 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Traffic Debate Not New For Balboa Park

City Parks nationwide are permanently, or periodically CLOSING roads that carry traffic and making them available to people to walk or bike. THIS is the trend. Building a bridge to perpetuate traffic is a needless and inappropriate expenditure of time and money; money that is needed to rehabilitate the park which is suffering from maintenance negligence.

July 31, 2012 at 6:37 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Council Considers Flag Project Celebrating Gay Pride

San Diego is a city of neighborhoods. Many neighborhoods have a majority or predominant demographics. This may be in religion, race, color, ethnicity, employment (like military), conservative, liberal, traditional, bohemian, above average income, below average income, or some other common denominator.

Although America has been and still is the great mixing bowl, we can not ignore a factor of nature; Birds Of a Feather Tend To Flock Together. And we humans do this at work, in school, in church, and in our neighborhoods, Cities, even States and Countries.

Yet some people have this mind set that if you are not like me, if you don't live your life like me, if you don't live as I think you should or should not live, then you are bad and should be controlled by laws. I call it: RU1ofUS or RU1ofTHEM mentality.

The rainbow, in its many forms has a long history. And it is MUCH MORE than just LGBT related. Just visit Wikipedia.

Kudos to the people of Hillcrest for deciding to establish a Neighborhood flag. One that is not myopic and can mean many things to many different people, if they will open their minds to the possibilities.

I see this as a challenge to San DIego's other neighborhoods. To develop their own flags that are representative of the people who reside within.

May 17, 2012 at 2:55 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Balboa Park Parking Plan Draws Fire

EXPERIMENT: (before doing any destruction/construction)
Eliminate parking in El Prado with temporary barriers.
DAY TIME: Limit access on El Prado and Plaza de Panama to public transit, emergency, park shuttles, official, city and park vehicles and to vehicles that are displaying Disabled Person license plate or card. Yes, this will require staffing, but people need jobs and it is less costly than massive construction. Eliminate parking in El Prado. Permit Disabled parking only in the three rows of parking spaces that are just to the south of Alcazar Garden.
NIGHT TIME: Permit all vehicles to pass through El Prado and Plaza de Panama. Provide shuttle service to other parking lots until a half hour after last venue closes.
CHARGE: Residents of San Diego City, active duty veterans, can obtain by mail (with proof of qualification) a rear view mirror parking tag which will permit them to park in Balboa Park for free. Disabled park for free. All others can purchase annual parking permits from the city for $40 a year. Or purchase a daily parking permit at centralized stations just like the ones in downtown San Diego for $10 a day. Use revenue to pay for the traffic control attendants.

Look to other crowded parks as a source of ideas: As but one example: The National Park Service provides 550 parking spaces and shuttle service for day use visitors to Yosemite Valley. Overnight visitors to Yosemite are permitted to drive into the valley. If you arrive in your private car, minivan, pickup truck, or RV, the entrance fee is $20 per car. This is valid for unlimited entries to Yosemite for seven days, and includes all occupants of the car. $10 per person if arriving on foot, horseback, bicycle, motorcycle, or on a non-commercial bus or passenger van (free for those 15 years old and younger).

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