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Comments made by gljohns2000

Boxer, Fiorina Face Off In US Senate Debate

Why is it that Californians just don't get it.

California is declining not because of too little government involvement, but because of an eroding tax base. Businesses are leaving California in droves. Why? Regulations are too tough and taxes are too high. Without a healthy business environment, employment goes down, tax revenues go down and we can't afford even basic needs like education, law enforcement and disaster relief, much less luxuries like environmental protection and stem cell research.

Over the past 30 years our politicians and the unions that control them have chipped away at the once healthy business environment in California until today it is next to impossible to grow a small business into a medium sized one, and a medium sized one to a large one. Today the only business that make it in California are those that benefit from a unique innovation like E-bay and become huge overnight. Quit trying to demonize the entrepreneurs and innovators in the business world who manage to benefit from their hard work and instincts. Fix the business environment first and everything else will fall into line.

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Recession Pushing More Local Families Into Poverty

RE: Gap Between the Rich and the Poor

When during the post WW II economy did the gap between the rich and the poor NOT increase? Any self-respecting economist will confirm that a growing economy will necessarily expand this gap. The reason is simple; there is no limit to how high incomes can go, but they can't go down below zero. With zero as the fixed point for the low end of incomes and unlimited potential at the high end the gap will always get bigger under any scenario of economic growth. Citing the expanding gap between rich and poor as justification for more government activism is a specious argument.

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Push For Redistricting Continues In California

I have high hopes for the redistricting of California, but I fear the process has already been corrupted by politics and political correctness. I was an applicant and became disenchanted with both the main criteria of the application and the review process. For example, the deadline for applications was extended by 15 days. In those 15 days the review panel authorized online seminars to coach applicants how to complete the application to maximize their chances of being selected. These seminars were conducted in English and Spanish. Why the extension? Why the seminars at the 11th hour? Why conduct them in English and Spanish

"Appreciation for California's diverse population" is one of the critical criteria for selection and its very existence as a criterion makes it more heavily weighted than other factors. Only applicants who have had tangible experience dealing with diversity through an official or government position or being a member of a minority can pass the high threshold set by the committee to satisfy this requirement. The average Californian who just lives day-to-day with that diversity is at a significant disadvantage when trying to substantiate their experience and "appreciation" of California's diverse population. I will be curious to see if the diverse make-up of the commission is proportionately reflective of California's population as a whole.

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