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Comments made by gloriacasillas

An Update On San Diego County's South Bay

MaryAlice thank you for the lovely comment. Tell them "That remark was taken out of context many years ago".

April 20, 2010 at 3:19 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

An Update On San Diego County's South Bay

The primary race for CA State Senate 40th District between Mary Salas and Juan Vargas is very important and too bad Mr. Davalos has not kept an eye on Mary Salas' campaign. Ms. Salas has won the hearts of her constituents by consistently keeping their interest in mind. She is a public servant and her constituency knows it. Labor, veteran groups, law enforcement, teachers, nurses and the firefighters all back her campaign. Unfortunately, her opponent has a lot of money on his side (the insurance industry, oil and tobacco will and have pump large amounts of money into his campaign) and I fear it will lead to negativity. I hope that Mr. Vargas will realize that this tactic is not to his best interest. Ms. Salas has many donors who donate small amounts of money and a very large pool of volunteers who have followed her career as a public servant. Mary also has a large following in the Imperial Valley. Filner beat Vargas because he is effective in congress. Mary will beat Vargas because she has been responsible and effective in all the elected offices she has held.

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