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Slain SDPD Officer Jeremy Henwood Remembered

OK, so KPBS feels I was rash towards LIBERTATHIEST, my opinion, the solution to what happened is null, Im glad the guy who shot the officer is DEAD!!! I just returned from a stint in the "STAN" (Afghanistan), and previous deployments to Iraq, and this is what the problem is: This officer served the same duties, his whole concept was being alert, at all times 24-7, from suicide bombers, roadside IED's, forgotten UXO's, most of all, people who have no education what so ever, who are commited to killing the innocent. This is how we live, no showers for 20 or so days, eating limited high calorie meals, and our minds and mobility on over-drive depending on the mission. But at least this guy knew what he was fighting for, and was probably accepting his fate faithfully, if he was to die on someone elses soil, to come home and feel great that he made it back, the feeling is unspeakable, and the feeling is powerful, Now, he dies on his own soil, for no reason! God bless his family and his intentions. Myself and others understand, but some dont. R I P my fallen brother, SEMPER FI

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Slain SDPD Officer Jeremy Henwood Remembered

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