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Comments made by goodnough

California Implementing New Way of Teaching

I wish it were as easy to explain as muckapoo1 attempted to. Most likely the teachers are working their butts off, dragging in their own supplies, and getting very little support while politicians micro-manage their progress or lack of it. We need to be allowed to go back to teaching and not testing all the time. We need to care about kids and not scores. We need to be supported as opposed to ridiculed. It is easy to judge but if everyone that had an opinion rolled up their sleeves and jumped in to make a difference we would be a lot better off today. It takes a community. I know I am doing my part and yet students show up without supplies and I am can't make them bring them.

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Sweetwater Schools Superintendent Under Fire

I wish I could disagree with the above commentary but it is true. As a hard working educator in the district it is sad when people get to high places and they are more focused on power then making a difference. The misuse of money is maddening and the firing of Karen Janney and Dianne Carberry was not only political but hopefully with be reversed by a court of law. Dr. Gandara does not like Unions, and has publicly admitted it, but they serve one important purpose: to advocate for people while they are busy advocating for others. We are not greedy, in fact, we are often selfless. The recall was not political...I signed the was necessary. We are headed in the wrong direction (for kids...that is my focus) and it is our duty to speak up. Plain and simple.

Thank goodness for KPBS because the Union Tribune doesn't seem to investigate. I called them and asked them to please look into the misuse of money and they would only report it if I had all the information for them. I do not have that kind of access. I do know from working hard in this district everyday that people are getting fired that shouldn't be, that money is getting misused, and the economy has very little to do with the district's decisions.

I have seen first hand that Sweetwater's current Board of Education is not exercising its checks and balances obligation to the public. They tend to vote all the same way on very controversial issues and do not ask enough questions. They are all too willing to do as the Superintendent says instead of researching on their own. And it is true...they get benefits for life for doing this.

I am looking at 40 students in one room compared to 33 now. I have a very hard time keeping up with the demands of my students now. Since I can not put any more effort into it, I am currently giving it 100%, students will get less attention. We have not closed the achievement gap and cannot afford to do what looks good on paper ( for budget reasons) while the superintendent has a million dollar retainer on legal services, hires consultants to do things people within our district could do, and has a meal and travel expense account. Let the kids eat better first. Let them have a chance at education. All of us are already sacrificing our time and money so it is pretty hard to take the district's current recommendations and especially when they think it is all a joke or power play.

Chandra Goodnough
Mathematics and AVID
National Board Certified Teacher

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