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Comments made by greeneyeshade

How Much Are Your City Officials Paid?

A good place to start a T&E and reimbursement investigation is with the civic unit's internal auditors. Get their reports. Publish their results.

And if the civic body doesn't have an internal auditor, find out why not. The function can be outsourced if necessary. The expense is well worth the money spent. Accountability is sometimes had only at the point of a sharp pencil.

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How Much Are Your City Officials Paid?

Suggestion: the media would be doing its job even better on this subject if it would have the various civic officers post two more numbers. Be forewarned though---there are many ways to mask these expenses. Muckrakers to your marks!

One---administrators should each declare publicly the amounts they spend on travel and entertainment--i.e., the total reimbursements they receive, including the total p-card purchases they make using their own p-card.

Two---they should be required to declare the total p-card purchases made and reimbursements received by all those who report to them directly, people like their administrative aides and others on their immediate staffs. A favorite practice of administrators is to have their direct reports pay for such things as dinners and lunches which the administrator attends. That way, it appears the expenses belong to others and not themselves. Then the administrators approve those expenses and no one is the wiser.

Salaries alone don't tell the whole story of how much our public servants are feeding at the public trough.

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