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Comments made by greengirl

The Roundtable: Fixing Sweetwater Union High School District

For far too long Jesus Gandara was allowed to reign over the School District. His tactics were nothing short of that that thugs use. He was perceived as a very devious very spiteful leader.

When reference is made to improvement of test scores little is said about the many grade changes that occurred. Nor is any attention being paid to the fact that certain students seemed to disappear from the computer system while testing was going on, thereby their lower scores were not counted. While Castle Park has been raised as the High School where grades were changed, there were others - all led by Jesus Gandara - all led by the same kind of nonsense he brought from his home state Texas, where he used the same exact tactics to improve grades as well. He is famous for speaking of data, however the trouble is the data he references was manipulated by Jesus Gandara.

Additionally GCR i.e. Bonny Garcia, legal counsel for the District is as corrupt as Jesus Gandara is. The Community wants him and his shady ways gone.

The District has a long ways to go - but it can be done. Hopefully the tax payers will never again allow such people to take over our District. We have learned a very good lesson here, very good lesson

June 24, 2011 at 4:56 p.m. ( | suggest removal )