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Comments made by gregnelson

Woman Pepper Sprays Customers At LA Walmart

For the fourth time in recent months there has been a violent attack in a Walmart in LA., I on July 1, 2011; was beaten by a Kung-Fu ex-Walmart associate, known braggar of violence, on August 2011; police went too a Walmart store too deal with someone making threats with a knife shoot fired. On November 3, 2011; 74 year old David Oakleaf beaten too death with a baseball and on Black Friday 2011; a woman sprayed up all the shoppers with mace or pepper spray. I was advised after my attack that security would be much improved for this holiday and then this. However, I am concerned if their security is being mainly trained in theft prevention and little concern for the safety of the shoppers. Because,its beyind me how this woman could spray innocent shopper and escape security and get away . I would have more compassion if this violence was occurring in more retail stores than just Walmarts.

November 29, 2011 at 5:38 a.m. ( | suggest removal )