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Comments made by gregoryagogo

Art Deco Treasure Demolished

After a trip to Mimi's South Beach, where the whole city is Art Deco/Streamlined Moderne, I fell in love with this type of architecture. I came home from this trip and sought out all the San Diego "Art Deco Treasures” as the headline says.

The Ford Building by Walter Teague was one of them... with that big "hat box" facing the corner, and the contour lines wrapping around the length of the building, with that little round window. It was a building fright from the movies! This building could have been in downtown OZ—and green too! I fell in love with this building.

As I wait 20 years for this building to be loved and restored, The Salvation Army comes along and covers up the windows with ugly plywood paint it all one ugly dull, drab, dreary, and depressing color, gray. Then they knock the roof off of it and allow the elements in then let it go un-maintained for 20 years, and then say it's uninhabitable. The Salvation Army is responsible for turning this historic landmark into a "bee-infested eyesore"... It's quite a scheme... "Ugly it up" so people won't miss it when it's demolished.

Listening to the program, Salvation Army seems to be pleading ignorance. Major Henry Graciani tripped over his script a few times repeating the same "Helping men and women" bit, more than once; a little clue that they may be covering up their real plan… It wouldn’t surprise me that they are in cahoots with some big developer and will be cashing in on this 5 million dollar piece of real estate. Oh sure the Salvation needs a new parking lot! I would be willing to bet, that we will see a new high-rise on this land within 10 years. What the Salvation did to this landmark, and city corner is Vandalism. And what the City did is support it. Because of greed, ignorance, and flat out stupidity, a major corner of San Diego is defaced. You might as well pluck out all the palm trees if you are going to let idiots continue to change the face of our San Diego.

I always associated Broadway and 12th with these two “sister” buildings: The Ford Building and the Popular Market. It’s just not the same on this corner without my beloved Ford building.

I find it funny that The Salvation Army was not aware that it was not a historic building! LOOK AT IT!!! While photographing the demolition I talked to many folks on the street and at that great restaurant by the Popular Market said they felt a sense of sadness for the demolition of this building. Even a guy on his way to the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center walking by could tell that this building was “something”—something to be preserved, and polished for future generations.

September 13, 2010 at 10:42 p.m. ( | suggest removal )