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Comments made by gsmini

Conservatives Move To Unseat SD Superior Court Judges

Candidate Candelore points out that appointments are the now the norm and that elections are now the exception. Accountability among your peers is not the same as accountability towards the people. Appointments are given without oversight or accountability towards the public. The Commission of Judicial Ethics is probably a wonderful group of people who really care about how judges operate and I'm sure they do a good job. However, that is still limited accountability and the public is not invited nor able to freely participate in such reviews. Judge Howatt acknowledges that there is no public accountability and seems to trivialize Mr. Candelore's claim of public accountability.,

A question that wasn't asked by Ms. Cavanaugh was, "how do you determine who qualified?"

Does it mean that you have to be in good favor of the SDCBA or somehow popular within the legal community? If not, are your unqualified to be a judge?

Shouldn't it mean, will you place the law above your personal beliefs? I think that should be a primary prerequisite.

Another question that wasn't asked was, "can the people determine who is better qualified or should that judgement be reserved for a chosen few?" Judge Howatt appears to advocate the latter but the issue was not fully addressed.

One must put honesty and integrity first. That is what makes him qualified in my opinion.

What Craig said regarding his legal practice was that Men need "better representation" before the family court to preserve the relationships between children and both parents in divorce and separation.

Too many men are at a disadvantage when it comes to access to legal assistance in family law matters. It's about providing fair legal services to good parents that have to "fight" to have a level playing field in an idealogical society that presumes men's main role is to be the provider and not the caregiver. Good fathers want to do both.

When I read the character attacks against him, what I see is a group of individuals who put him down for standing up for the very principles that we so honor except when it threatens the preservation of the power of judicial appointment.

His military service is not a request for reward but stands as a symbol of dedication and sacrifice. It says that he can follow and lead others towards objectives determined by others. Anyone who has ever served in the military knows how to put opinions aside while dedicating themselves to work towards a good greater than themselves.

Even if Mr. Candelore doesn't win, at least we can all rest assured that American Democracy is not being dismantled. I for one hope he does win.

Based on the content and sincerity of his answers here today, I am sure that he will make a fine judge. One who will not succumb to politics to earn reward. One who sticks to constitutional values over personal ones. One who is dedicated to principle over causes. Everything he said here today reflects that.

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