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Crisis Management 101: "The Unfortunate Truth"

The role of women in society is often marked by forced subservience to men. In response public policy and law now allow women to destroy men via allegations of sexual advances. This type of solution to complex social affairs is more destructive than curative and must be stopped.

fbi/cia use women to entrap some political Targets as follows: assault the male Target with sexual advances and file affidavits against the man with secret courts. Then, the unethical and often corrupt judge later can have the man placed in a padded room for the alleged safety of himself and women. In some instances the female shows off her attributes, often opening her legs to reveal her new panties. Listen up girls, you are doing great damage to society by your venting in the manner described above your pent up frustration over your roles in this corrupt society. If men begin the same harassment of women, where would you then land!

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