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Comments made by hammies4seals

Seal Legislation Passes Calif. Assembly

okay first you say that the seals stole the beach right? Well if we go back in history seventy five years the seals were at Children's Pool before humans. The only reason why the chidrens pool was built in the first place was becase the seals were hunted by the local fisherman due to scarcity of fish which they blamed the seals for it. However the seals weren't at fault, the fisherman were due to over fishing. Second, someone mentioned lack of tourists because of the seals stench. I beg to defer, we get people from all over the world to come see the seals. It is actually a tourist attraction in San Diego. Third, comparing a mammal to an insect is not the best argument or comparison. Isn't San Diego the Finest city in America? and since when did we start claiming beaches? Isn't the beach part of nature and we human exploid it to our advantage. Yet, we don't seem to be able to let nature take it's course when it's right on our back yard.

July 11, 2009 at 7:25 p.m. ( | suggest removal )