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Comments made by hassankhadar

Al Jazeera Looking To Expand In U.S.

i would like to thank first Maureen Cavanaugh, Pat Finn

for today this program next Al Jazeera is number one source nouce that makes coverage everywwhere in the world I have been watching Al Jazeera for ten years i have dish that I can watch what is going on aAl jazeera is not corprate that only keeps their intres but
it is good source to get the thrue around the world go aroI check Aljazeera on a daily basis for news updates. I appreciate the perspective they bring and in particular, I enjoy the fact they report from unusual places. As for balance, sure there is distortion everywhere, but I think it less so here.
Al Jazeera is a decent News channel. I have to respect it for covering news worthy topics particulary stories bearly mentioned in the western press. It would be good if you could get Virgin media to pick up your channel, as weve switched from cnn or fox news

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