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Comments made by hazeleyes

Prop 37 Could Set National Tone On Labeling Genetically Modified Food

I will vote YES on 37! All arguments GMO's. We have a right to know if the food we eat is GE. We cannot trust most "studies" on GE because of this:

I would ask where Steven Briggs got his funding for research...The gov't for years have pressured Universities to "partner" with buisness. The problem? A vested interest in the outcome of research.

So who can we trust anymore when told GMO's are safe? The same people who gave us Agent orange?

I want to decide for myself...if you believe Gmo's are safe...I'm not stopping you from eating them. For myself, I believe I have the choice. Just as I can pull up two cans of Chili...they have differing caloric amounts. One may be "safer" for me then the other...and without the labeling, I wouldn't have the information needed to make an informed decision.

Just label it for an informed decision! Yes on 37

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County Registrar Saw 'Tremendous' Amount Of Fake Write-In Votes Yesterday

Again, I all GOOD conscience...could not vote in some of the races. I decided to stand up and say so...I showed up. Maybe you should talk to the what apox 70 % who either don't care, don't believe in the process, don't think they can make a difference, or are just too dang tired or lazy. I CARE! I showed up...I did not "throw" my vote away...I wanted NONE OF THE ABOVE. period.

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County Registrar Saw 'Tremendous' Amount Of Fake Write-In Votes Yesterday

I was one of those "write in voters". To be honest, I'm offended about this quote "Seiler also said in every primary election, she sees "lots of voters who tend to be a little bit careless in their voting." in regards to writing in on a ballot. I was making an attempt to show that I was unhappy with ANY of the candidates I had a write in for. Did I do this for EVERY office? No! but in a couple of cases I just could not, in all conscience, vote for ANY of those listed on the I wrote in WE THE time I'll write in none of the above. Maybe that will get my point across? In an election where so few even went to vote...I cannot believe that those who did go..are said to be "careless" because they wrote in someone else. That says to me they CARE...but want something/someone different.Just saying that there was a "tremendous" amount who did this...should tell them something!

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