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Comments made by Hank Crook

Repeated Concussions Can Cause Lifelong Damage To The Brain

James-Here is Dr. Marshall's response to your comment:
Seeing "stars" is what the coach is referring to and is a sign of concussion. Such a boxer should have the fight stopped a TKO and not box until he is free of headache. Persistent headache means that there are residual sxs from a concussion and a boxer should be held out. My general rule re headache is to allow return to play one week after the headache clears. The coach should also be encouraged to have their sponsor acquire the "IMPACT" exam so that preseason testing can be carried out and if the boxer is concussed this test of brain function can be again administered and compared to baseline. Until it is the same return to the ring is prohibited. If they do not have the money I have a foundation that can help. LF Marshall MD Distinguished Professor and Chair Neurosurgery UCSD School of Medicine

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