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Comments made by henriksj

Don't Mess With Walmart

The article should be about "Don't mess with the citizens of San Diego". The council members who are under the thumb of the unions are the ones who created all these problems. If they paid attention to what the citizens want, the issue would not have arisen. You can bet these council members will continue to fight to oppose the opening of any stores, no matter how much people could save, how many people would be employed and how much access to fresh food many will have that they don't have now. What you call Wal-mart's "take no prisoners" approach is only necessary because the unions can't stand to lose this one, even as everyone else is disadvantaged by their outrageous tactics; thus Wal-mart has to continue to fight.

For more info on this see "Looming bankruptcy caused by excessive public employee salaries and unfunded union pensions and other benefits, State of California." Applies to most municipalities as well.

Thanks for the "objective" article from taxpayer-funded KPBS.

January 28, 2011 at 3:31 p.m. ( | suggest removal )