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Comments made by hkochii

Where Do Your Representatives Stand On Pot?

In the countries where drug usage has been legalized or decriminalized drug usage has changed.In everyone of them usage has dropped. You won't get this data from American organizations that prefer to maintain the fear mongering of drugs, you need to got to the individual countries and get their official data. The statement in a previous poast that, "Netherlands and Portugals number 1 drug policy is to rehabilitate recreational drug users", is incorrect. Rehabilitation is not the number one objective.The number one objective is to separate hard drugs, heroin, cocaine, from what are called soft drugs, marijuana, hashish, mushrooms. Those individuals caught using hard drugs are not thrown in jail as is the policy in America, they are placed in treatment programs which have been shown to be far more effective and less costly to the taxpayers.

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Where Do Your Representatives Stand On Pot?

I would guess that the 100 politicians that didn't respond are in favor of Prop 19 but as with the vast majority of politicians they won't publically state their real opinions on the drug situation here in America. Openly admitting that Americas failed drug policies need to be changed is political suicide. I've found that if you talk to a member of law enforcement off the record, and one on one, everyone of them will admit our drug policies are a failure and need to be changed. However if you speak to two or more members of law enforcement together they will never admit the same thing.

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