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Comments made by hmalegal

Visa Overstays Present Challenge For Immigration Reform

I've been an immigration lawyer for 10 years. A tourist visa is no easy ticket to citizenship. A provisional waiver is not easy to get; DHS made clear that exactly the same hardship standards would apply. All that changed is the filing location - and even then, the alien has to leave the US and still could be denied an immigrant visa. If that's a bypass - hell, might as well sit through traffic.

And H-1B employers are bound to pay the prevailing wage for their jobs. Do you know how much scrutiny companies - especially the smaller ones - are getting from USCIS to root out the third-party job shops? Have you ever talked to a technical recruiter and heard them complain they have to go foreign because there simply aren't enough qualified American workers to fill the needed positions?

I get really, really tired of seeing comments from people who just don't understand the system. It's a system so complex it needs lawyers just to navigate through it, yet folks chatter on with absolutely no appreciation for how badly the system is broken, nor what's required to fix it.

Hassan Ahmad

March 7, 2013 at 9:10 p.m. ( | suggest removal )