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Comments made by hoopla65

Gay Politicians Present A New Image Of San Diego

@Missionaccomplished I partially agree with your argument that being gay has little to do with being liberal or conservative, but perhaps for different reasons. These terms are very hard to define. Ron Paul is perhaps the most conservative GOP candidate if we look at what historically it means to be conservative. Many self described liberals agree with some of his views. Traditionally, conservative means in favor or decentralization of government, giving rights to the states, and liberal is in favor of a more centralized government. Paul considers marriage to be an issue that should be governed by churches (how he proposes secularist to marry is unclear).

My point is, conservative has become a more wishy washy term that is generally used to rile up the right wing base, rather than a designation of specific ideology. Liberalism does seem to have a more ideological distinction, perhaps because calling oneself a liberal is not traditionally considered a political tool, but rather a crux. However there is still considerable disagreement on what liberalism really means. Though liberals are fairly cohesive on social issues, with regard to issues such as interventionism in foreign conflicts (i.e. Libya) no such cohesion exists,

The concept of liberalism versus conservatism presents a false dichotomy and is used more as a divisive political tool than a description of ideology. Republican versus democrat better describes ideology, although imperfectly.

The fact is, if your vote depends largely on LGBT issues the democratic party best represents your interests. As we have seen in the monumental vote in New York, this is quickly changing.

I am not sure what you mean by "the politicization of homosexuality." The right, which I find to be a clearer designation of ideology than conservatism, certainly has used gay marriage as a wedge issue. If this is your point then I entirely agree. However, it is of vital importance that minorities stand up for their rights. The political organization of LGBT groups is highly important to the cause.

I apologize for some of the disjointed points I made in my first few paragraphs. I am rushing to write this before class.

I see the progress of gay rights as highly promising and I hope it will carry over to other minorities such as immigrants and secularists, a group that I think is subversively the most discriminated against.

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