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Ken Cinema Closing As A Landmark Theatre

Has anyone been open to the idea that another theater operator can take this over and improve on it?

The theater isnt closed yet and its a business. Nostaliga is nice, but if it doesnt pay the bills, then its just a sign that times have changed.

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Navy-Trained Dolphins Find Rare Torpedo Off San Diego Coast

Late 1800s? That is incredible.

On a side note, reminds me of Dr Evel asking for 'dolphins with frickin laser beams' :)

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Filner And San Diego Hoteliers Clash Again

Bull meets china shop

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San Diego Could Lose $41 Million Next Year Through Redevelopment, Pension Costs

Sorry, meant to add that Jeff Graham is not the City Manager, but I had read in another article that he was threatening this course of action as the CEO of the now defunct CCDC aka Civic San Diego.

I am unclear as to the lines drawn between CCDC bing the developemnt arm vs an actual city which may have set up a 'redevelopment district'.

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San Diego Could Lose $41 Million Next Year Through Redevelopment, Pension Costs

This is somewhat misleading.

When the Redevelopment agencies were abolished, each CA county and city were required to form Oversight Boards to oversee the ROPS payments.

Now, in all honesty this is new for everyone including the state, but the City of SD missed the boat here or did some poor management on their part as it relates to the projects submitted prior to the deadline of the now abolished Redev Agencies.

The State has been firm, bit fair in regards to obligated payments. I would like to know why these were not ok for the City of SD. For some reason, the City Manager and his office have not disclosed that information in any interview. So I am a little unclear as to why Jeff Graham is talking about litigation.

As an FYI, all Oversight Board committees in each respective city must have the chair sign off on all the ROPS payments and these meetings are all open to the public.

Just look at other San Diego County cities. Why are some of them getting almost of their funding and the City of SD completely missed the ball with this hefty chunk o change?

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Tolls Are Cut To Boost Use Of SR 125

Derek, I dont understand your comment. SANDAG purchased this basically 'on sale' even by todays construction rates I presume to build it out right.

I dont know if you live in Chula Vista or South Bay, but with the planned development in that area and access to the 125, 94, 8 etc this is a solid alternative than what currently exists.

I dont see this as being any different to the old Coronado Bridge toll which was paif off in a bond. Amortized payments to pay off an asset seems pretty straightforward to me. Actually there may even be a return on investment depending on the amortization schedule.

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Filner Releases Pension Plan


I dont understand. What does your comment have anything to do with Filner's plan except further justify your narrow political position?

Regardless of political affiliation, this Filner plan does not look good for San Diegans as its borrowing to keep borrowing. Any basic financial fundamentals would dictate that. Moving forward and actually breaking the mold of crappy deals and poor business practices, this 'plan' is clearly a legacy type plan that has no teeth.

This will not win the election for Filner, no matter how hard he spins it. Nor do I think DeMaio will win any votes because its the only agenda item he is pushing at the moment.

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Analysis: Prop 8 Ruled Unconstitutional


Of course we live in a Relatively democratic system of Govt. It comes down to how you view policy should be implemented. That is the issue. Otherwise there would be no state law or any elected official trying to get laws enacted.

Make divorce illegal or make marriage illegal and leave it as a ceremonious/religious event based on tradition. Marriage should NOT be public policy if civil unions have proven to establish a pretty fair parallel.

February 9, 2012 at 3:06 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Analysis: Prop 8 Ruled Unconstitutional


You make great points about the position you are taking. I agree with some of them because they are true observations. WIth all the pros come cons though.

Dont forget, for all that the blue states have, the red states have their own strengths.
- Farms
- Oil
- Percentage wise, most of the kids that are actually going INTO the military are from red states. These are folks that defending this country so that Blue and Red states can have the freedom to have the say they want.
- Manufacturing

I see the value in the above being just as relevant as your perception of how important blue states are.
Being liberal minded is ok, but at times can be just as narrow and bigoted as those on the other side because neither understand each other.

February 9, 2012 at 8:56 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Analysis: Prop 8 Ruled Unconstitutional

These comments are pretty interesting. I think at least over the course of my lifetime, that this is an issue which has national spotlight and rightfully so.

Regardless if one is from Texas, New York or Idaho, we have the ability to express ourselves here in this country. I dont condone of name calling for the sake of 'right' and cherrpick administrations or location. That in of itself is a cheap cop out to further a position.

Marriage is not a 'natural' human feeling or compulsion its a choice dictated by a quasi form of social norms or tradition.

This whole issue applies towards a universal acceptance and recognition of a union between two people (sex being irrelevant). However it has also been partially dictated in history as one of spiritual or religious sanctity. Now it has become a game of political rhetoric and 'right'.

There is truly a fine line between creating national laws to help dictate safety and well being vs fair and balanced social policies.
If marriage were not to be recognized in CA regardless of sex type, I for one as a married man would feel quite comfortable with that decision. Because "choosing' marriage is a commitment two people choose and respect regardless of title. Civil union laws certainly seem to clear up many of the logistical aspects.

If its simply for the title of being married just because one 'feels' its a right, then we are absolutely at a low point in how we view public policy.

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