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Comments made by hopeheadsd

Analysis: Prop 8 Ruled Unconstitutional


You make great points about the position you are taking. I agree with some of them because they are true observations. WIth all the pros come cons though.

Dont forget, for all that the blue states have, the red states have their own strengths.
- Farms
- Oil
- Percentage wise, most of the kids that are actually going INTO the military are from red states. These are folks that defending this country so that Blue and Red states can have the freedom to have the say they want.
- Manufacturing

I see the value in the above being just as relevant as your perception of how important blue states are.
Being liberal minded is ok, but at times can be just as narrow and bigoted as those on the other side because neither understand each other.

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Analysis: Prop 8 Ruled Unconstitutional

These comments are pretty interesting. I think at least over the course of my lifetime, that this is an issue which has national spotlight and rightfully so.

Regardless if one is from Texas, New York or Idaho, we have the ability to express ourselves here in this country. I dont condone of name calling for the sake of 'right' and cherrpick administrations or location. That in of itself is a cheap cop out to further a position.

Marriage is not a 'natural' human feeling or compulsion its a choice dictated by a quasi form of social norms or tradition.

This whole issue applies towards a universal acceptance and recognition of a union between two people (sex being irrelevant). However it has also been partially dictated in history as one of spiritual or religious sanctity. Now it has become a game of political rhetoric and 'right'.

There is truly a fine line between creating national laws to help dictate safety and well being vs fair and balanced social policies.
If marriage were not to be recognized in CA regardless of sex type, I for one as a married man would feel quite comfortable with that decision. Because "choosing' marriage is a commitment two people choose and respect regardless of title. Civil union laws certainly seem to clear up many of the logistical aspects.

If its simply for the title of being married just because one 'feels' its a right, then we are absolutely at a low point in how we view public policy.

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Reaching the Off-Ramp

Tom, it was a great blog. But definitely much happier you are back on the air.

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The Fed's Latest Moves May Fall Flat, Experts Say

"From my perspective, the Fed really hasn't put enough effort into job creation," he said. "They really ought to respond stronger to the job creation part, the unemployment part, than they have so far in this crisis."
Quotes like this illustrate how little some truly understand the ties between the power of the Fed and what policy creates. The Fed has almost nothig to do with "job creation" directly. For YEARS, the Fed has been begging lawmakers to get their act together to create sound legislation to not only help navigate another collapse but to nurture future growth. Folks, it takes demand and a positive psychology the floor is going to fall, to get things going. As of right now our lawmakers are not giving anyone the warm and fuzzies about anything. No kitschy nicknames like "cash for cars" or what have you.
It is a complete stalemate on Captitol Hill. Expect to be in this for bit longer or at least until the next election kicks in to high gear. It would certainly be ironic if there were a number miraculous plans to come from the White House right before election time to give anyone a reason things can "change".

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Markets Put The 'Down' In 'Downgrade'

tapkae- I agree with you. However there is the "daily' news which focuses on day to day occurrences in our lives, the books you mentioned are all about macro policy and macro economics.
Over the long run, everything works in cycles. Not knowing when the peaks or lows hit is what makes news albeit with some sensationalism via the media.

We are going to be in a lull for a while. It would be appear that we are only prolonging the inevitable and "buying time" at this point to see if there will be some other economic spike to make up for the losses. We have apparently run out of ideas these days it would seem.

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Trees Come To My House

What the Urban Corps chapter for San Diego does is outstanding. We are getting some here in Lemon Grove as well next year all along Federal Blvd and down through Lemon Grove Ave (I believe).

Keep watering away Tom :)

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Double Dip: Is U.S. Headed For Another Recession?

There is nothing that will save the US or ourselves from the spending we have done without raising taxes now that the cuts have been established.

There is a technical recession and then a recession by how most folks would view it on a day to day basis. Minimal hiring, weak housing market, weakening infrastructure etc etc.

We have chosen not invest into ourselves anymore for quite some time. The fact that I heard that the US "Creates ideas" vs" things" is sad commentary. There may come a time where our rules wont be the status quo for the rest of the world. Such as the american idea of "intellectual property". There is already a grassroots movement in China with fake Apple retail stores and clothing stores popping up and getting a hand slap from the Chinese govt telling their citizen not to buy from them.
I am afraid if China begins to deteriorate, times will not be good for anyone. We are all so vested into each other now, that in the foreseeable future, if one goes does it will affect everyone else....regardless of how much money we print.
So yes we are headed for a double dip by technical standards and a similar, if not, worse version of what we have just been going through for everyone else on Main St.

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Roundtable: I-5 Widening Option Chosen

This solution is sound and I am glad they chose a fair balance which in the long run will be a vast improvement. Ultimately this what its about anyway, improving the current system.

I think there are lots of great ideas for smaller areas which are heavily traveled. A monorail type system in some of the city areas or better yet in Sorrento Valley. I have seen an area similar to Sorreto Valley in DFW which had this monorail system in place between the buildings. Walt Disney was really onto something when he created EPCOT.

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High-Speed Rail Is Moving Fast In China

Wow, love that blog post regarding families staying in the city. Lets just say that someone has to start the trend to make it a trend. Its everyone thats "ok" with it for it to be status quo.
Its just too easy to drop a lot more money on the best school district suburb if your means allow. However, it doesnt create anything. I think for fundamental change, their needs to be folks that are willing to be part of the change. Its bold, but can probably pay dividends to society when that child becomes an adult. Of course, given that the parents are part of the process.

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Walking To School

Another nice blog Tom. Its one of the reasons I moved to Lemon Grove where the schools are fairly close to certain areas of the neighborhoods. Despite what I have heard from people that dont live here, its incredibly safe and I see the kids walking to school all the time. If its not them by themselves, its the parents walking with them to school.
From what I gather, Golden Elementary has taken a very hard line approach at having parents not only help in decorating the school, but really be a difference in these kids lives by doing simple tasks like walking to school.

I have said it before and I will say it again, as the baby boomer gen fades away, we are slowly going to get back to more practical ways of approaching daily life. Kids these days, from what I see are sharper than ever and simplicity and efficiency will be a social norm. This story is a small example of that shift.

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