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Comments made by houseofWindsor

Personal Calendar Reveals DeMaio Met With U-T San Diego's Manchester

I truly hope that San Diegans will see the truth of Carl DeMaio... He is a carpet bagger in the truest sense. He moved here to San Diego only 8 years ago, he "keeps" a house in Rancho Bernardo but spends no time there, instead spending most of his time living with his "partner" in the HIllcrest area. His political agenda is exactly in line with the Tea Party, the Gingrich Foundation, and the Koch Brothers. In no way does he have the average San Diegan in mind, he plays on the heart strings of the retired who struggle on their pensions by pointing out that todays future retirees will have it better than they do now. He plays on the general publics fears by saying that City workers make more than they do and are doing so on their tax dollar. He implies that only his stewardship will save the city when the current mayor has really done all the heavy lifting in regards to fixing the city of San Diego's financial woes. He is not to be trusted and I hope that San Diego will see him for what he is..........

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Personal Calendar Reveals DeMaio Met With U-T San Diego's Manchester

@ California Defender,
I love how your commentary intends the reader to believe that Filner is why Congress and Washington are such a mess and in a state of gridlock. No one Congressional member is to blame. More likely is the general party line, party politics. To imply that Filner is the culprit is obviously uninformed. However, KPBS has shown very definitive proof that DeMaio is hiding his dealings with two of the largest money players and special interests in the City. Furthermore asking the question why and what does he have to hide. I am not championing Filner as he has many faults, however Republicans and DeMaio in particular wave the flag defending the middle class but deal only with the richest of the rich and align themselves with special interests of those 1% per-

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