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Comments made by iamhe

Occupy Wall Street Protests Spread To San Diego

right now at this very moment the Banks are flush with OUR cash, much of it bail out money borrowed from China..

now that they have all the cash... they are not making loans until we give them what they want..

Banks have all our money, and the Banks are refusing to make loans,

no loans = foot on the brakes of the economy

the banks are not taking their feet off the brakes until they get what they want, no oversight, no controls, immunuty, no regulations, no limits, no criminal charges, no OBAMA.....

US economy is based on the "promiss to pay" -loans-

US economy is hard to understand.. because it is not sustainable,, not completely rational, like derivitives, a credit default swaps, it's not understandable because it is a ruse.. The US economy is fundamentally based on borrowing. The US economy crashes when bank loans are stopped.

and they will do that and are doing that to keep their "freedom and liberty" to scam and fraud us.

Obama is hot on the trail of criminal bankers and Corporate executives with many prosecutions and indictments,, Support Obama...

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Occupy Wall Street Comes To San Diego

world wide there are many victims to American Style Capitalism which is based on greed is good, and more greed is better.... this is unconscionable capitalism.

Unconscionable capitalism has hijacked the US Government.

we no longer live in a Constitutional Federated Democratic Republic circumscribed by a bill of inalienable rights...

We now live in a Corpocracy that parades around all patriotic like in democracy's clothes serving the false god Dollah The Almighty and it's obscene profits.

US Style Capitalism, it's economy, and government is unconscionable,

change is needed....

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