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Comments made by imdudesdad

Blackout Leaves Us Still Vulnerable

Shame on KPBS. Comparing India power to the SD Grid, and then commenting on how fragile our grid is? Really? If it's so fragile, then why have we had so few blackouts - especially given the exponential growth of electronics? And why was it able to be restored safely in a short time? That's reliability.

b. And wanting information is normal. But via a website? I imagine most people didn't even have tv let alone a computer. The best source of information was KOGO AM and my radio. You have made comment, after comment about the lack of website information. It's a strange stance - given that you have not provided a timely accounting of why your own backup generators were not functioning.

c. Craig Rose and others tout distributed small generation. Well I don’t want a smelly, noisy generator on every roof top in my neighborhood. And then to say that SDGE didn’t mention any outages before the summer? Well do you think they planned this? It’s good to know he’s not a U/T journalist, but just another guy with an opinion and the lack of skills to actually do journalism.

It’d be nice to hear you have a different opinion on your radio show – but instead you only take calls from those who are lock step with you. Shame on you.

September 9, 2011 at 1:35 p.m. ( | suggest removal )