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Comments made by infinitig35

ACLU Demands Investigation Of Alleged Customs And Border Protection Abuses

Thank you, ACLU,

I have been crossing the border for more than 40 years. In those years I have seen a lot of abuse directed at Mexican and or Mexican looking people. I have been the subject of that abuse more than once.

About 35 years ago as a tourist trying to go to Los Angeles and getting a "permit" to go there an immigration officer asked me: what do you do, I responded I work part time and study part time(I was 23 years old and in college). He said what do you do more and I responded about half and half. Then he said "go back to Mexico since you do not know what you do more. I had a valid visa and a passport.I had traveled 1000 miles to visit family. I could not give up. He did not allow me to go to LA. I went back to Tijuana crossed in a different lane and "permit" was given to me by a non abusive agent.
People do not get in line to get a visa sometimes far from the city of origin and a great economic sacrifices to be told by an abusive agent something like what I experienced.

This is a story I have seen and heard with different variations and of course different peoples. This problem is not related to the new hiring but it is and has been part of the old INS and kept by the new renamed "service".

I have crossed the border possibly a few thousand times since that day. I am now a US citizen. I have seen no change in the bad attitude of many agents. I also believe the majority of them are good agents.

Thank you, ACLU.

p.s. If more American citizens had to cross the border more often I am sure those bad agents would have been fired a long time ago. Mexican citizens do not vote here and that is why those abusive agents get away with it.

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