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Comments made by iridium

San Diego Airport Seeking Public Opinion On Long-Term Plan

@Peking_Duck_SD: The reason why the media doesn't ask the Airport Authority about investing in an airport that is going to move is that nobody believes that the airport is going to move. Ask the Airport Authority about capacity limits at SAN, and you'll get a polite version of 'told ya so!' Every civilian airport in San Diego is single runway. We need a brand new airport with multiple runways. Except that the only feasible place to put such an airport is MCAS Miramar, and 8 years ago, when the Authority asked voters to allow it to start talking to the Navy about sharing the base, over 60% said no. In so doing, the voter resounding said that they don't want a new airport, to the degree that it is unlikely that any plan for a new airport will ever get approved (over 1 in 5 voters that voted no would have to flip their votes, and the vote to start discussions was an easy one compared to the future votes that would be needed to actually fund and build the airport).

The result is an extensive amount of analysis of how to divert and expand capacity at our existing airports. KPBS doesn't need to ask when the airport will reach capacity, because San Diego's 2050 Regional Transportation Plan already provides the answer: year 2030 at the latest (page 6-48). After that point, SAN will not meet demand, and people will increasingly have to go to Tijuana or Orange County to catch their flights.

Without authorization for a new airport (and the vote margin from 2006 implies no chance of getting one), the Airport Authority is trying to make do with the existing airports. The full build-out of SAN is one element of that, and once there are enough gates for it, SAN will be pretty much exclusively dedicated to passenger travel (private aviation and freight will be diverted to smaller airports around San Diego that are also getting retrofitted to handle additional demand). If we didn't make these changes, SAN would reach capacity even earlier and the congestion would be even worse.

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