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Comments made by jabowery

A Quarter-Century Later, 1986 Amnesty Still Informs the Immigration Debate

The reason people "love to beat up on 1986" is it is an experimental result.

If the Enlightenment teach us anything of value, it is the priority of experiment over argument, evidence over theory.

Indeed, attacking people on an emotional level as do Papademetriou and others, is the primary source of hate.

The argument should not be over whether the government will live up to its promise to enforce the border. That is no longer arguable by anyone seriously interested in the facts.

The argument should be over whether US territory should be open to anyone in the world who wishes to immigrate to the US to become a US citizen that meets basic entry criteria such as lack of a serious criminal record and familiarity with certain key aspects of society in the US. Once the argument has graduated to that stage we can set aside the more base appeals to emotion and talk philosophically about what it means to be a nation and what rights the current citizens a nation have that are not available to all citizens of the world at their will.

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