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Comments made by jacquelinesd

Solutions Waning For Tenants Of Substandard Housing

I was disappointed to hear Maureen resist the idea that there is a chronic substandard housing problem in San Diego. My mother encountered 3-4 different "slumlord" situations over the last five years when trying to find a home for herself and her service animal.

I think the fear of eviction or retaliation is real on the part of tenants, especially among persons who are struggling to get by, and for whom moving expenses are untenable for their financial situation. The flipside is that unethical landlords do not fear lawsuits from poor tenants, in particular, from blighted neighborhoods, and least of all, from undocumented persons. The landlords she encountered knowingly rented substandard units knowing that tenants fear them or do not have the resources to fight them in court.

I hope Midday Edition revisits the issue with more stories from citizens who, for whatever reason, need affordable housing.

October 4, 2011 at 1:38 p.m. ( | suggest removal )