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Comments made by james_mcfadden

The Monterey Shale, Fracking For Oil And San Diego Concerns

SB4 is a weak-noodle bill that will do nothing except give Big Oil cover as it continues its exploitation of resources, pollution of the planet, manipulation of oil markets, and its efforts to lead us to climate hell. CA is getting sold a pig-in-a-poke with fracking. It’s time to debunk some of the Big Oil mythology: 1) “Energy independence Myth” –There is no energy independence in a global market where oil and gas are shipped to the highest bidder. 2) “Fracking technology is powering an economic boom Myth” – Booms are followed by busts and the issue should be whether the short-term profits to Big Oil are worth the long term polluted aquifers, health problems, eye sores, and climate chaos that the rest of us must live with and cleanup. 3) “Natural Gas from fracking is a bridge fuel to the future Myth” – The “bridge metaphor” indicates we are building something, and that “future” is supposed to be sustainable energy. However, the natural gas boom is building none of this needed sustainable infrastructure but is instead allowing Obama to continue to subsidize Big Oil’s continued extraction of fossil fuels. The “bridge fuel myth” is propaganda to make us think we are doing something when we continue to do more of the same polluting. 4) “Monterey Shale development will create millions of jobs Myth” – The USC frackademic study is a total fraud paid for by Big Oil. Government studies show that anticipated jobs would not even register on CA’s employment rate. 5) “Monterey shale will be an economic boom Myth” - The Monterey Shale hype is a scam generated by Occidental Petroleum to create a new bubble market in bundled mining rights to swindle investors (like the bundled mortgage backed securities bubble that popped in 2008). This is the same pyramid scheme playing out in North Dakota. The people of CA, like the people of N. Dakota, will be left with poisoned water impacting our agriculture, fracking stench impacting our health, and eye sores that will drive down property values. 6) “CA is a strict regulator Myth” – DOGGR has been asleep at the wheel for decades and has failed to even monitor fracking, let alone study its impact on health/environment/economy. DOGGR has been infiltrated by Big Oil and does their bidding. SB4 will do nothing to regulate fracking – only start a process of data collection. It is a weak noodle bill. We need to defuse this “fracking carbon bomb” now and tell our governor that “clean energy works”. We need to call Jerry Brown and tell him “No Fracking Way – Don’t Frack California”.

September 26, 2013 at 9:23 a.m. ( | suggest removal )