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Comments made by janayea

Building Expectations: Portrait Of Lincoln High School

Hello, I am a senior at Lincoln High School soon to be graduating in the class of 2011. This documentary touched on many things but not enough. To me it was poorly done, not only for placing the scapegoat of poverty as a reason to why students do horribly but also because this documentary did not show any good that has come out of this school. Yes, we may live in low income community but this community does not define us. The students at Lincoln High School are set to and want to attend a college. There are many students who want to attend four year universities and community colleges, even if it be to join the military the students here have a plan for the future. Students in the past graduating classes have had the pleasure to attend many prominent universities even the Ivy Leagues such as Harvard and Stanford. I myself have been accepted to over eight colleges with scholarships from each school. With hard work and determination my peers and I have had the chance that many are not able to receive. Majority of the students in the 2011 graduating class are going to college and are excited to do so, but this documentary did not shine on the success of the students here but on the excuses we as a whole have been given to why we cannot succeed. The real facts are not given and I believe the students should be given a voice to show how they feel about this documentary and about what really goes on within the walls of Lincoln High School.

April 27, 2011 at 9:32 a.m. ( | suggest removal )