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Comments made by janda_sd

Filner Harassment Scandal Grows As Second Woman Comes Forward

Thank you @nikkinell @ILoveSD @Dorothy and some others. I saw this last night and it upset me so I signed up to comment but couldn't get all my thoughts down. I woke up today still bothered that I didn't comment and was so relieved that you all spoke out saying what was on my mind.

I am a confirmed feminist, supporter of PBS, mother of eighteen yr, old daughter who is home from college. I am coming to terms with her growing up and navigating herself alone in the world and being assertive, strong woman.

I used Ms Fink as a teachable moment for my daughter last night and also to be able to get this off of my chest and get some sleep. I told her I believe Ms. Fink did the right assertive, strong woman thing by writing the letter and demanding an apology,since the pat on the tush made her feel uncomfortable. I also told her that I believe she did the strong, feminine thing by NOT reporting it as sexual harassment 8 years ago because she got her apology,continued working with no further problems and MOST of all a wise decision not to report it as sexual harassment, because it was NOT anywhere close to sexual harassment! I explained the context of the 'pat on the tush' and role played what I would do in that context..laugh it off, shake my butt and make a joke back,as it was CLEARLY a joke in that context.

I could not explain or rationalize in any pro-feminine way why she was coming out NOW and why KPBS was supporting this. For Fink's possible motivation, I came up with my usual mantra-follow the money trail which has never failed me in weird situations like this. KPBS?..I'm at a loss as to your motivation to report this. Seriously a bad decision on your part in my eyes!

I believe KPBS/Fink have damaged the credibility of any possible REAL sexual harassment victims that may come forward and that pisses me off!!

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