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Comments made by jaxxon8

Feds Urge Fluoride Levels Be Watered Down

Who gets to decide that our water supply becomes a medication and what types of medications go into it. Why don't they put vitamins into it, since we are all deficient? Well one reason is that they can't figure how we were dosed, because NO ONE KNOWS how much water each individual drinks.

We HAVE fluoride in most toothpastes in USA. There are strict instructions NOT TO SWALLOW the toothpaste. Why? Because it is toxic. Why do we have fluoride in toothpaste AND in our water supply? That is the first clue WHY it is so prevalent. It's not to help our teeth, that was a secondary, chance finding: that it strengthened the enamel (at what cost). The reason this toxic chemical is so prevalent is because there is so much of it. It's a byproduct of producing aluminum that must be disposed of and burying it etc is more expensive than selling it as a helpful little tooth decay preventive. What other drug is so prevalent that we not only drink it but use it daily in another product, toothpaste?

Toothpaste, although it is noted can be toxic, is not meant to be swallowed, yet that same toxic material is in our water which IS swallowed. And because it is swallowed and taken through the skin as we shower in different individual amounts, how can *they* figure what a 'safe' dose is?

Research routinely seems to rework data years later to report earlier doses were too high, but what damage has happened in the meantime. Maybe in 10 more years the level they are lowering fluoride to TODAY will be considered unsafe... yet we all drink it for another 10 years.

What I'd like to see is for these people to compare the rate of dental caries in countries that have NEVER used fluoride. Also to compare the rate of fluoride damage in this country against countries that are not using it as a WATER supply.

There are numerous studies that support the hypothesis that fluoride reduces IQ in children; also that it builds up in fetal brain cells causing neurological damage. In adults, fluoride reduces memory, impacts sense of smell & does neurological damage. In animals, studies have shown the same damage patterns; add'ly in lab research, rats also had birth defects along with IQ and neurological issues.

There are other ways to strengthen teeth which are not toxic; we shouldn't have to be FORCED to medicate ourselves, children and pets according to a formula we have no control over and which, as we see right now, is changing yet again. What is safe? pure water. If you want stronger teeth, take care of that as a separate issue, as you do with vitamin supplements, exercise, nutritious food, etc. BEING FORCED to accept a medication of any kind that someone else decides is good for me and adds into MY water is contemptible to me.

January 19, 2011 at 11:24 a.m. ( | suggest removal )