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Comments made by jaycor

SDSU Urges Students To Delay Travel To Parts of Mexico

Very sad to see this advertised to SDSU students right before spring break. This drug cartel warning took place over 1000 miles from TJ. Why is the local media trying to scare away tourists to TJ, Rosarito ?

I travel to Rosarito every weekend and it is a ghost town. The people are hurting and rely on Americans to buy their food, drinks and commercial services and everyone is too scared to go down there.

Then this article has a title that is advertised on google news that cautions people to continue to stay away from Mexico.

I could get shot in the head at the 7/11 in downtown San Diego - doesn't mean I am not going to walk into a 7/11.....I can get car jacked in La Jolla, doesn't mean I am not going to visit La Jolla tomorrow..

Take it from me...Mexico is beautiful...the fresh fish they bring in from the port in Rosarito is by far the best. The colorful pots, lizards, frogs, plates are a work of art. The iron work, the doors, furniture you can find in Rosarito is 10% of the cost that you find here on Kettner blvd in San Diego. And it is the same stuff!!

Don't live your life in fear, be cautious always of your surroundings, but don't live in fear...

March 16, 2010 at 5:04 p.m. ( | suggest removal )