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Comments made by jayd

Chelsea King's Case Raises Doubts About Megan's Law

Hey rudy101
it doesnt sound like you have to many people who support your view about this topic.
most people have no idea about megans law or how the legal system works.
They probably dont know there is a guy on megans law who is 19 years old who was convicted of statatory rape just because he had consentual sex with his 17 year old girlfriend.
And another 25 year old guy took nude pictures or a video of his 17 year fiance, and was convicted of production of child pornogry.
And another guy who lent his laptop out to someone at work, and the guy set him up by downloading a few images through a file sharing program of females that looked under age, and the guy who owned the laptop who unknowingly had those images on his laptop was convicted of possession of child porn.
There are alot of cases were guys are being conviced of sex crimes against females under 18 where the minor lied about their age, or it was a case of consenual sex or touching by the minor, but when confronted by the parents they lied and said they didnt consent
All of these guys have to register for megans law for 10 years to life, depending on the state, even after they have served their time in prison.
The majority of the over 700,000 registered offenders are most likey full of cases like these.
There are probably a few hundred of those freaks like the guy who raped and killed Megan in NJ, the Lunsford girl in FL, and now this freak in CA.
Megans law was very well intented in the beginig to try and make the public aware of where the sexual monsters that prey on children are
I believe that the proven few sexual preditors, and pedifiles who have a sexual intrest in prepubesent children( under 13) have an incurable disease & should be locked up for life.because they will always reoffend
Megans law should protect the public by giving noctice where only the most dangerous freaks are at all times, maybe with some kind of tracking device.
But for the guys i mentioned earler who a absolutly no threat to society, should not be put on some list where everyone they live by, and work with who will label them in the same catagory with the freaks., megans law started because of the public outcry to stop the most dangerous monsters that raped, and murdered those poor inocent children. but in order to try to stop a few hundred of those monsters in our country, it is now throwing a blanket over hundreds of thousands of the most hamless, and sometimes inocent men, and publicly ridiculing them when they shouldnt be.
Murderers are much more dangerous then most of the guys registering as a sex ofenders, but there is no registration requirement for murders
when they get out of prison.
If megans law is not redone to apply to only the most dangerous sexual preditors.
i hope more people will see that megans law is not working and geting out of control
& will get together to try to revise, or put end to megans law as it is now.

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