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Comments made by jberlfein

Home Energy Audit Finds Potential Savings For Homeowner

Why doesn't a home upgrade pencil out? That's a really good question. Because gas and oil are really cheap to burn. Because we don't pay for the price of pollution, we don't pay for the price of asthma, we don't pay for the price of climate change. It's disappointing that the true price was not addressed in this report. It's disappointing that one of the few things a homeowner can do to reduce their carbon footprint was portrayed as a poor use of hard-earned money. I realize 3 minutes is short, but there are multiple benefits to a home audit and home upgrade that were not mentioned. 1) more comfortable home: with better insulation and sealed ducts, there is less need for blowing heaters and drafty air conditioners 2) cleaner, fresher air because you're no longer ventilating with dirty air from the attic. Home performance is a new field that's poorly understood. I hope KPBS will follow up on this report, so listeners can become better educated on the topic.

October 4, 2011 at 9:12 p.m. ( | suggest removal )