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Comments made by jeff

Chargers Focused On Stadium Site Downtown

Please correct me if I'm wrong but I'm under the impression that the "public money" everyone is up in arms over would be coming from the CCDC and not the city's general fund. If this is the case I don't see how anyone can use the excuse that the city is broke and we can't afford to build a new stadium. Yes, the city's general fund may be dwindling but the CCDC's fund is not. It's not a question of "do I want potholes fixed or do I want a new stadium?" The money comes from separate places and using the CCDC's redevelopment funds won't effect city services. I think people need to be educated about this so stadium opponents can't use it as an excuse.

For MarkW - I hate to be the message board police but its hard for people to take you seriously when you make grandiose claims that mayor Sanders should be recalled or that Fabiani should be affiliated with the devil. It is possible to have a civil discussion over this (read the Guidelines at the bottom of this page).

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New Downtown Stadium Proposed For The Chargers

Its amazing the amount of negativity this topic always stirs up. I for one am a Chargers fan and am rooting that they can find a solution. Even if you're not a sports fan you must acknowledge the fact that professional sports will always be a part of society; they have their place and shouldn't take precedence over more important public matters, but let us please not condemn them and try to run them out of town for this sake. How about a little civic pride? You don't have to be a sports fan to embrace a team's presence and its ability to catalyze the civic good. Look at the Padres and what the Gaslamp was like 10 years ago compared to what it is now. We should be so lucky that an entity exists that can spur such a drastic redevelopment to an area that would've otherwise taken several decades to accomplish if at all! We have the same opportunity now with the Chargers and the blighted eastern part of downtown. I'm tired of hearing that nothing can ever be accomplished in San Diego, let's provide some positive support and rally behind the people who are trying to get this done. There are massive challenges that need to be overcome for this project to get done and city leader's need our help not our hinderance. I applaud the courage of the Chargers, Fabiani, and the Spanos family for taking on this monumental effort and having a vision of San Diego moving more towards its beautiful potential; the kind of vision I wish more of my fellow residents shared!

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