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Comments made by jeffhammett

Citizen Activist Challenges License Amendment For San Onofre

What sort of justification are Edison and NRC offering in defense of their view that Lutz is in eligible because he lives more than 50 miles away? How did they come up with 50 miles as the magic number? It seems a bit arbitrary to me, and somewhat absurd given where the plant is located.

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Breaking Down The Difference Between San Diego's Bars And Breweries

There's a lot of confusion about bars vs brewery tasting rooms, and this piece may help clear a bit of that up, but using a photo of Bottlecraft ("Beer Shop and Tasting Room") only helps to increase the confusion.

Bottlecraft isn't a tasting room in the same way Societe, Green Flash or any of the other local breweries have tasting rooms. Bottlecraft has a license similar to many bars which allows them to serve beer, it's not the same as a manufacturers license which many of the breweries operate their tasting rooms under.

Confusing subject, but thanks KPBS for getting the good word about our local beer industry out!

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Wikileaks Border Cables: From The Mundane To The Violent

To say that Wikileaks released these unredacted cables because governments around the world were threatening legal action might not be entirely untrue, but it's far from the complete story.
For the real reason that Wikileaks released all of the cables unredacted last week take a look at this story from Der Spiegel:

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