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Ken Cinema Closing As A Landmark Theatre

Folks tut-tutting that this is another symptom of San Diego being a cultural wasteland... nothing here says that folks weren't going to the Ken or supporting it. This is two corporations disagreeing about money - the cinema chain and the property management company. Landmark is not exactly some mom n pop operation.

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Ken Cinema Closing As A Landmark Theatre

What's up with the orphan paragraph about Barry Green - it looks like you were going to add some info here from him about Landmark's request to reduce their rent to offset the $80K cost to upgrade to digital but then cut it? CityBeat has that part of the story.

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Indoor Marijuana Grows On The Rise In San Diego

By the logic of folks opposed to legalization of pot, if we discovered alcohol today it would be illegal. Talk about a health and safety hazard. Oh wait, it's a multi-billion dollar industry, never mind.

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Sriracha Maker Says California Put Hold On Its Sauces

Ooh now they can call it "aged"!

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San Diego Supervisors To Consider 2024 Olympics Exploratory Group

Uggh can we not make this happen? I lived through a summer Olympics and it was a boondoggle.

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San Diego Small Businesses Are Banking On Saturday Shoppers

Progress is a great store - hope to make it down there on Saturday. If I don't spend all my money at Eclipse that is! :)

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Protesters Allege Racism At El Cajon City Hall

San Diego's Craigslist site has dozens of used Mercedes available for less than 10K. Owning a beater Benz doesn't make you rich.

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Filner's Attorney: City Failed To Provide Mayor With Sexual Harassment Training

As a legal gambit, I get this. As a statement someone is willing to make in public and then actually keep his job, it's just so egregious!

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GAO: Border Agents Use Flawed Methods To Track Wait Times

This is so incredibly stupid. Their policy says that they ideally need to be able to physically see the end of the line to measure it. In what decade could you possibly see the end of the line in TJ from the border crossing, the 60s? The "technology" solution of course is more surveillance cameras in a foreign country, to the tune of millions. This is not a technology problem. This is a priority problem. If they would staff the checkpoints appropriately in the first place the line wouldn't BE literally miles long. Barring Congress figuring this out, they should hire some Mexicans to hang out at the end of the line and give out cards with the time written on it to every 20th car, which drivers could hand to the guard when they get to the border. I've been given a card like this at international airport customs to help them track wait times. It's not fricking rocket science. Pay in Mexico is so low, you could most likely staff the end of the end of the line of a single crossing 24h/day for less than $20k/year.

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San Diegans Encouraged To 'Dump The Pump' For Public Transit

Peking_Duck_SD there are actually three different routes from downtown to Hillcrest via one side or the other of Balboa Park. The 3 and 120 on the west, the 7 in the middle of the park.

MTS did a big overhaul of the bus system a few years ago to make the system work better for working people, based on data about employers with lots of transit-using employees and where they are coming from. Unfortunately, immediately after that, their budget was slashed and they had to scale way back. They still haven't recovered fully - Sundays in particular are still a disaster. I think they also could do better at looking at non-work related transit use such as night use by folks going out for entertainment. One good thing the Compass Card system brings for this sort of planning is a LOT more data on rides.

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