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Comments made by jeremy_schaub

Fired Nurse Files Lawsuit Against San Diego Hospice

Rachac ought to be proud of herself. San Diego Hospice is the most Amazing organization to work for and as far as seeing patients cared for. SDH was the worlds best hospice and had programs that extended world wide. It trained the top Hospice/Palliative Care M.D's in the country and around the world. It served 1000 patients and had 800 employees. I'd like to personally thank Rachac for her angry vengful actions--which are unwarranted from my inside knowledge of SDH. Rachac--you killed SDH. SDH is bigger than any manager or you. In killing SDH you put 800 people out of work--myself included. SDH was the most amazing place I've ever worked and acted with the utmost professionalism and expert care in all operations. It was the best medical organization, organization period, I've ever been associated with. It was a non-profit, no one was trying to rip off the government because no one could benefit from that. Being told to be "creative" simply means that sometimes people do qualify for service, but to follow the letter of the law one must turn over a few rocks by thinking doesn't mean to make stuff up. It is the ethical responsibility of Hospice Staff to insure that no one who does qualify for service is rejected from service. Unfortunately the data isn't readily apparent and one must WORK a little and dig to put it all together. Often times to verify eligibility multiple tests are needed, and thorough examination of a patient's medical history/record is required to demonstrate a decline in health indicative of one that is likely to die within six months. But no one can predict death. I once heard a great M.D. state that all M.D.'s are not good at one thing: determining prognosis. Every person, every cancer, every heart disease etc. have similarities, but they also have differences which cannot be predicted. Why did Rachac kill SDH? Because she pulled the trigger on the gun--a gun that would put any hospice under because the medicare system is flawed. She appears to have done so out of bitterness. What kind of person goes after an amazing NON-PROFIT organization that helps people around the world and serves so many dying people at a level of quality that surpasses all others. Everyone experiences injustice, sometimes things happen that aren't fair--I've been there. Nevertheless Rachac seems to merely have been focused on herself and an attempt to cash in rather than do what any RN can do easily--get another job where you are wanted. I've been there...left...been terminated...had opportunity to bring law suits...but chose not to harm an entire organization who employees and serves numerous people...not based on the behavior of a few potentially fallible employees. No organization is perfect, because they are run by imperfect individuals. But SDH was a gem that changed the lives of many patients, families, and even employes.

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