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Comments made by jesusislord

Judge Rules San Diego Sex Offender Residency Restrictions Unreasonable

jesus said in his word that if people repented(truly sorry for their sins , ,IF YOU ARE SAVED he will forgive , and it also says that whom THE SON sets free is free indeed and no condemnation to those whom have been set free and living for him . people say people cant change but GOD WORD SAYS PEOPLE CAN , AND IF THEY ARE DOING RIGHT IN THE world ,paying their fees going to probation and no problems they should be able to do as they wish long as they are abiding and not doing wrong. the drunkards can be forgiven even a murderer can be forgiven and have a sec chance but everyone has to condemn these people and make them out cast . people need to provide counceling and rehabilatation measures and let people have a sec chance not restrict their lives forever . once you are on registry it not only affects the person but their families too . the children get bullied . and cant have friends , dont get to have their father part their lives . depression. they can be unsocialized and even commit suicide because this sex registry law stuff . all normal everyday living is taken away not only from the father but the whole families too . the whole sex registry needs to be taken down is my opinion and give people evaluations and if they are abiding they need to be taken off the registry and be able to live normal family life. the past has been forgiven why cant people learn to forgive and give people sec chances. ? btw i have been sex abused in my life but by the grace of GOD and his love and what hes done for me i learned to forgive my abusers and pray for them .i pray for all people to be set free and that the govt will one day take down sex registry laws .imagine over 2,000,000,000 people speaking up on this, what impact it will do and how many people can have a sec chance and live normal lives .with their families ..i am very glad that cali changed their laws and allowing people to live where they are able to with none the 2000 feet restriction , may be they whom are being punished will be able to have some normal life to live and change for the better . people are not animals and this is not supposed to be a nazi world . its supposed to be freedom and being able to have sec chances to make a diff and give back to society , they cant do it with all theses restrictions. .i thank GOD that one day JESUS is coming back and he will gather the true body of CHRIST and there will be a new life a beautiful heaven to look forward to and the chains of sorrow pain , and condemmation of past life will not be no more . all tears sorrow pain sickness , will be gone forever . for those of you whom are hurting by all these unconstitutional laws . retroactive laws . they continue to pass . the families whom only want their hubs and fathers to be able to live normal .look up for redemption draws nigh . this former life will be no more but new life with JESUS forever will be .ill be praying for us all .

September 17, 2012 at 4:52 p.m. ( | suggest removal )