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Comments made by jfolkman

Roundtable: Decisions At SDPD, Death In Assisted Living, Killer Whales At Sea World

When I heard that KPBS Roundtable would give some attention to the orca story, I was hopeful that the public would be informed of the ethical issues involved. As the documentary "Blackfish" shows, the orcas at Sea World are suffering. These magnificent, highly intelligent, social beings who are biologically designed to live wild in the open ocean, where they form close bonds with each other, are violently removed from their families and held prisoner in small tanks at Sea World. Even the orcas who have this misfortune to be born into captivity, languish behind glass, day, after day, after day. They go psychotic. However, this issue was NEVER addressed on Roundtable. It was all about taxes and San Diego's financial stake in Sea World's success! Shame on Lisa Halverstadt and Mark Sauer for never even bringing up the core issue that is the root of the controversy. Are we so greedy that we push aside all moral considerations when money is concerned?

March 16, 2014 at 8:30 a.m. ( | suggest removal )