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Comments made by jgomez

Roundtable: Border Patrol Hiring; Guest Worker Program; Gregory Canyon; Plaza de Panama; Coastal Commission Sues Navy

Your allegations are clearly far fetched when you state there is a "no-fail policy" at the BP academy. All you need to do is compare how many recruits start a given class against how many actually graduate. Less training after 9/11? When exactly did this take effect? The people I know who went to the academy even after 2005, 2006 etc where still required to complete 20 plus weeks. No backgrounds? The same people I know went through what they called a vigorous back ground and medical clearance before they were allowed to attend the BP academy. Who is writing these statements? Sounds like the same reporter who works for Channel 10 News who clearly has shown he is anti law enforcement. Things that have found to be true ... according to the autopsy, the woman who was on probation/parole for prior drug issues had drugs in her system the day of the incident. She hit the officer with her car and continued to drive with him on the hood of her car. People should read the autopsy... In conclusion, KPBS website as part of it's mission states: "trustworthly, in-depth reliable information and values integrity and truth". Which I find difficult to believe as they also state they are affiliated with 10News who clearly indulges in "yellow journalism" and propoganda.

February 3, 2013 at 2:36 a.m. ( | suggest removal )