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Comments made by James Dent, Point Loma Electric

San Diego Is 'Roll-Out' City For Electric Cars

It is great news and not surprising that San Diego is one of the pilot cities for the EV project. San Diegans are energy conscious early adopters. We are a certified installer for the Chevy Volt level 2 charging stations as well as a dealer and certified installer for the Coulomb home and public charging stations. As of this writing (2/15/11), all Chevy Volt EV buyers who qualify for free Blink chargers are still waiting to receive their level 2 charging stations. (Even thought he product has been shipping for some time) Other cities have been installing their Coulomb Level 2 EV charging stations for several months now. Which charger is provided free to the customer is determined by zip code by the DOE. There is some behind the scenes legal wrangling between GM and Ecotality regarding the shipment of the DOE funded home chargers to GM customers.

For more information and updated news on EV charging in San Diego check out: <a href ="">EV Charging Stations News</a>

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