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Comments made by jijifer

The Roundtable: Can Dog Attacks Be Prevented?

the problem is that SD laws/ordinances about this are weak and SD Dept of Animal Services has exactly ONE officer dedicated to "declared dogs". San Diego declares dogs dangerous if they are known to attack people and declared a public nuisance if they are known to be aggressive towards people or animals.

add to that the ordinances and laws we do have are rarely enforced.

Voice command- can only be used on one's private property and in designated dog parks. Fido off leash anywhere else? Illegal. And fido must be confined to your yard one way or another even if you chose to exercise VC on your property.

Riding your bike/skateboard with a leashed dog - illegal

I've been attacked by the same pitbull 3x in 7 months and despite citation after citation the owner fails to restrain the animal. In the last attack, the pitbull jumped on me, took my chihuahua from arms and tore my elderly dog apart in seconds. All while the dog's owner stood right there, too afraid to try to restrain his own dog or get between his lunging, snapping, growling animal and me. The owner lives (illegally - another law rarely enforced- you can't sleep in an rv on city streets here in Carlsbad) in an RV he parks in the alley behind my house. In court he plead guilty and indigent so the $4300 it cost to save my dog's life after that attack is mine burden to bare along side the fear and terror that remains with me.

Since we don't have the manpower/resources to enforce the laws we have on a daily basis, make the fee to own the breed astronomical - say 1k/annually. Then require owners prove proof of liability insurance for 100K upon registration each year. If they fail to maintain that insurance, attach jail time to ANY attack on animals or people. That's the ONLY way owners will get responsible.

In my case, this owner spent 2 nights in jail when he failed to show up in court. He has 60 days of jail time over his head should this dog be a problem again. He's supposed to pay me $50/month (7.5 years) - I wish I could have paid vet $50 with no interest for nearly a decade. Now, he tells the police he's moving to mexico. Good riddance but yeah, I'm out $4300 because of negligent owner.

No one should ever be subjected to horror I have been subjected to. No one should be ripped from limb to limb in her back yard. DAS told me of another SD case where 2 pits followed a couple home, chewed through the doggie door, came into the house and killed the family dog. While that "nanny dogs" blog will suggest chihuahuas are more bitey than pits, no chihuahua has ripped the limb off ANYONE let alone stalked to kill. Pits need really good owners and unfortunately there are a lot of really bad owners attracted to these animals. Make it cost prohibitive to own this breed and only truly dedicated people will own them. We can't have toothless laws, no means to enforce than AND have just anyone able to own these dogs. Something must change.

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