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Comments made by jimR

Are San Diego's Theaters Haunted?

Two stories about ghosts in theatres in one week. Does the management of KPBS care about the quality of their stories? Shame on Angela Carone for this one.

The stage is filled with "energy" after a performance. S
And you don't know where it goes.... let me see.
The light energy that reflected off the actors hit the walls floors and ceiling of the theatre warming them slightly. The sound of the voices and music dissipated leaving behind a tiny amount of heat too. The minds of the audience may be greatly effected but unless they are related to Uri Geller (fraudulent psychic who claimed to bend spoons with his mind) they aren't bending any spoons over it.
Theatres are hurting in the recession. There is a $1,000,000 prize for evidence of the paranormal. Surely one of haunted theatres will be the first to cash in?
(sarcasm intended)
What is the harm of promoting this foolishness.
Paranormal claims are used in many countries to accuse people of witchcraft (see youtube key words Africa witches National geographic ) The innocent are persecuted and sometimes killed. Paranormal claims support extreme religious beliefs in the US too. A co-worker used to tell me about "signs" daily.
And my uncle who beleived certain "energies" were more important
than the medicine his doctor prescribed stopped taking his medicine.
This is likely to have led to his death about 2 weeks ago.
It is simple.
If a story is not true
don't report it.

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The Association Of Paranormal Study

The whole point of public broadcasting is to not waste the listeners time with commercials, Not have stories distorted by the need for ratings or the censorship of sponsors. This story clearly fails to achieve the purpose of public broadcasting.
I guess you did it for ratings.
Ghosts! Really? Ghosts? What are we six years old? Exactly what electromagnetic frequencies do these ghosts emit?What proof does anyone have that a detected electric or magnetic field in a building full of wires and iron is caused by a ghost. You have electrical engineers at the station. You know better. There is a $1,000,000 prize for proof of a wide variety of paranormal activity. It still goes unclaimed. Have your ghost hunting geniuses sworn an oath of poverty?You ask,What is the harm in promoting these fantasies.
Look at Haiti. Look how superstition has hindered their development. look at the National Geographic videos on Youtube showing how women and children are still accuse of being witches in parts of Africa and other countries. Then cruelly punished for alleged use of their non existent powers. Look at the fundamentalists in this country that interpret phony evidence of the supernatural as evidence for their beliefs (I had the misfortune of working with one who reported stuff daily.)
It is simple really.
If it is not true don't fill air time with it.

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