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Comments made by jimvsmij

Roundtable: Redevelopment Projects In Jeopardy

Since we have seen that Petco Park has improved San Diego's economy and made us more attractive as a tourist destination we should repeat this and build the very much needed Chargers stadium.
The Chargers are the heart, soul, and pride of San Diego. Let us invest in our future and build them the best stadium that we can!
What I don't understand is the decision to build a major public library downtown. How much money will it bring to San Diego in an age where more and more people buy electronic books or use digital libraries to check out books for free on their phones, tablets and e-readers? Libraries are inefficient, money draining, dinosaurs that will soon become extinct as physical books become a thing of the past. The people who pushed this on us were not looking too far into the future. I would have rather seen universal WIFI access to everyone in the downtown area which would be cheaper and a lot more useful.

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Garbage Patch Study Finds Plastic In Pacific Ocean Fish

First, bacteria was found to be consuming huge potions of plastic in our oceans and now we find fish eating it. Who would have know that plastic is such a nutritious food source?? All this time we have been throwing it away!

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The Future Of Redevelopment In San Diego

San Diego is in desperate need of expansion of the downtown Convention Center and a new Charger's stadium. If we don't, we are in very real danger of losing the Comic-Con and the Chargers to LA! If you take the excess money that goes into rich neighborhood public schools, to the point that they are equal to the poor neighborhood's schools, then that alone should be enough for construction on these investments to San Diego's future. I doubt that the budget cutting of rich neighborhood schools would make any effect on graduation rates. Once we build the infrastructure to generate more tax income, we can then start putting more money into schools starting with the ones that struggle the most, which are the poorer neighborhoods.

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Two Mothers Tell Of Two Daughters Lost To Domestic Violence

Instead of just treating women who are in abusive relationships, I think that there needs to be more effort into teaching women not to get into them.

I used to have a girl who I was friends with that I became quite smitten to and eventually fell in love with. Unfortunately she did not feel the same way towards me and felt I was more the brotherly type. (We've all heard that story before) but I saw her get into one abusive relationship after the other. Finally I could no longer take the constant heartbreak of being her friend because she it was obvious that she would never be interested in a nice guy that would give here the world if he could, so I left and never looked back. Today I am happily married with a 6 month old child and now my wife and I are in a situation where her sister left her really nice boyfriend of 6 years and is now dating a guy that yells at her and hits her. She has been with him for two years and is pushing him to get engaged with her. My wife's sister is quite beautiful and does not have any problems attracting men.
I don't understand this and I don't believe that I ever will. You never hear of a jerk who is a 30 year old virgin. If I was to do things all over again (which I wouldn't because I am very happy with my life and my wife and child) from my high school years onward knowing what I know now, it would be very tempting to be a jerk to women in order to attract the prettiest ones, because that is what it seems to come down to.

We need to teach women not to give guys like this the time of day and within 10 years guys like that will have gone extinct instead of how it is now where women encourage guys to be this way by choosing them over the nice ones.

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San Diego School Board Votes To Put Parcel Tax On Ballot

Wow, if the corruption is this bad then we should just sell all the public schools in order to privatize them. Then the state can start up the voucher system where the money follows the student. That way parents can see which schools are doing the best and send their children to that school which will cause competition of schools to teach kids better and use money more and more effectively otherwise they will have fewer students and thus less money.

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San Diego School Board Votes To Put Parcel Tax On Ballot

Instead of paying teachers not to work during summer we should have teachers teach students all year-round. Students wouldn’t all take vacation at the same time but instead there would be four groups that take their 3 months off at different times. What this will do is decrease the amount of teachers needed to teach the same amount of students which will free up more money to use to buy better learning tools for the students.

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SD City Council Formalizes Funding Approval For New Central Library

Go here to see comments about the downtown library:

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Supporters Confident They Can Raise Funds For New Central Library

Looks like NPR did a story on the trend on libraries getting rid of books due to the demand of the digital version.

I rest my case..
It is obvious that the San Diego Downtown Library will become ever more obsolete in a short period of time. Lets prevent this by using the 20 million to make a downtown over-the-air wifi library/internet which would be accessible by all and use the rest of the money towards the convention center and chargers stadium which will bring much needed money and jobs to San Diego

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Supporters Confident They Can Raise Funds For New Central Library

Open mindedness and understanding is all I am asking for.

I know of two moms that make their children wear latex free gloves when going to the library because, as disgusting as it sounds, some people lick their fingers before turning each page and some people do not wash their hands after using the bathroom and using library computer keyboards! My sister wont even allow her daughter to go because of this. She had tried to sterilize a book by putting it into the oven with disaterous results.

Listen, 10 years from now Kindles, and other wifi eReaders that we buy today will be so cheap to buy used or new that for the price of parking downtown you will be able to buy one of these devices. Like I said before more and more people are using electronic devices to access literature and much, much more. Why wouldn't we build something that will reach out to more people now and even more people into the future?

The most bang for the buck is free wifi internet for all of downtown and slowly expanding from there. To not do this would be a selfish act by those who have such library nostalgia that they cannot see the growing technological trend as the future quickly approaches.

Use the 20 million for an over-the-air library downtown and leave the rest of the money to be spent on San Diego infrastructure to bring more money into our economy and create all the jobs that will be required to build it.

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Supporters Confident They Can Raise Funds For New Central Library

Yes, Charger stadium and an enhanced Convention center are necessities. No matter how you argue it selling hot dogs to non San Diegans will bring more much needed money into San Diego then letting well off downtown people borrow books even with overdue fees. And that is just in hot dog sales alone! I am not even talking about all the business that will be attracted to the newly beautified part of downtown and the huge increase in people who will be happily spending money there. Comic Con alone brings in 50 million a year to downtown and it will go to L.A. soon if the Convention center is not updated.

Let’s talk about long term-term vision. How, oh how, many more police officers and teachers will have to be laid off because San Diego does not make enough money to cover the expense to keep them? What, oh what, will not enough teachers, overcrowded class rooms, and not enough law enforcement do to our city? News Flash: We are still struggling to get out of the Great Recession and that means that the money we spend has to be used very wisely by building things that will help us get out of this financial situation. How is building a new library going to do that in a time where we are shortening library hours and days that they are open?

As an engineer I follow technology pretty closely and you know what? The trend in technology is that everyday more and more and better and better information, literature, etc. is being accessed by portable devices. Technology is always improving such that last month’s tech is cheaper to make than this month’s. In less than 10 years even the poorest family will be equipped with smartphones because they will be practically given away for free. Libraries are ancient institutions that don’t even know that extinction from obsolescence is right around the corner and the people who are so far behind to not realize this; they wouldn’t get any jobs that I have to offer.

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