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Comments made by jimvsmij

Prop 13's Impact On Schools

One question that needed to be asked when comparing New Jersey to California is how much better an education is New Jersey getting? If they are paying over 2 times as much in taxes for schools are they getting 2 times the education? I doubt it. Throwing money at something doesn't give you a better end result. My wife from Greece got a much better education at her High School with much more math, language, geography and science than most people see in college and Greece does not spend half of what California pays per student! What's with that?

I have heard teachers complaining on this radio station that they will have to go from 12 students to 24. 24 really? Really, only 24? I grew up in San Diego and went to Mira Mesa High before there was a Scripps Ranch High School and the all the Scripps Ranch kids were going to Mira Mesa. Each class has at least 35 students! All the teachers did fine.

You know what we should do... Since we pay teachers to not work for all the holidays that normal workers don't get and we also pay them for 3 months off every year, we should eliminate summer vacation and teach kids year round to get them finished with high school a year earlier. I mean, if we are paying them then they should work like everyone else.

And I don't want to hear about how teachers work harder than anyone even off the clock because most of us do as that well. All my co-workers take much of their work home and spend many hours each night trying to finish before our deadlines and, unlike teachers, we only get 2 weeks vacation a year not 3 months!

The other alternative is that we should cut the 3 months plus all the needless holidays that they take off out of their salary to balance the budget.

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Poway Girl's Disappearance Keeps Public Safety On People's Minds

As a child who grew up in San Diego during the early 80's - during most of our summer break my friends and I would play deep in the canyons which were a good hike from home. From the start we developed the buddy system because of dangers from rattle snakes, mountain lion, coyotes, (angry raccoon in one case) and strange people we would sometimes see lurking in the bushes. We would also also never go without our hunting knives on our belts and high powered air guns loaded and ready to fire. We never got hurt or never ran into serious trouble. If this was common sense to a 10 year old then it should be common sense to the rest of us. Don't let your children go out to secluded places alone and without defense. NEVER!

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Considering The Future Of Downtown San Diego

Read this article.

We are in real danger of losing the Comic Con if we do not do something. We need to expand the convention center or we can kiss the $40-60 million we get each year from this one event. Forget the Library for now and lets try and focus on the things that bring in money to downtown so that someday we will have enough surplus money to buy the luxuries.

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Sorting Through Race Relations At UCSD

My wife is Greek and when she went to college she was highly offended by widespread Greek stereotyping were people regularly had parties with people dressing up in toga's and people had sex and drank in excess, not to mention using Greek alphabets which are commonly mispronounced.
Greeks do not walk around in Togas and always have wild sex and binge drinking parties. We need to end this racist negative stereotype of Greeks in all College and Universities!

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Considering The Future Of Downtown San Diego

Er, jenjen, of all those people with library cards how much money does that bring in to San Diego? I would venture to say that libraries cost more out of taxpayers pocket than any profits that they bring in.
Speaking about Library profits, is it even a tenth of when PetCo Park makes and I am not just talking about people who go to games but also how it has revitalized a WHOLE QUADRANT of Downtown.
I can't say it enough. We need to invest in the money making projects before we spend what little money we have on things that don't make any financial impact.
If I loose a job, I don't go out and buy a 60 inch LCD HDTV. If I buy anything it would be a new suit to help me get a job that where I can make money so that later I can get that TV. We must have this same mentality moving forward with Downtown project.
Lets give the Convention Center a face lift and build that Chargers Stadium.

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Considering The Future Of Downtown San Diego


Looks like you need "edukashin" yourself:
...."accomodation for pedestrian traffic and housing which is open to mixed tiers of incomes."

It's actually spelled - "accommodation"

Check your own spelling before you pick on others. It's well known that we engineers are not known for our spelling prowess.

My point was that Libraries that only a few (non digitalized) people use anymore and art institutions are luxuries that we cannot afford. If San Diego can be considered wealthy then we should splurge of such excesses. If not then we we need to invest in things which will bring money into the area such as a Chargers Stadium and a face lift for our Convention center which, due to things like the Comic-Con, is the major bread winner in downtown.

Think about this: should the United States focus on rebuilding ballet and opera in Haiti? Or should we focus on what needs to be built and only when they are on their feet and have excess money let them build up their arts?

Thankfully we are not in such dire straits as Haiti but you see my point. We are in a financially bad situation. If we build anything let it be for our future financial benefit so we can afford the luxuries.
Buying luxuries before we can afford them is how this country got into the recession in the first place.

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Considering The Future Of Downtown San Diego

Also, we should not waste time nor money on building things such as a librarys and art centers. How much money will that bring into downtown? How many San Diegans will actually use it? Compare that to a Chargers Stadium or a face lift on our convention center. These will be the huge money makers for downtown and only after we are rolling in cash should we choose to build luxuries like librarys and art centers.

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Considering The Future Of Downtown San Diego

I'm not a huge sports fan but I think that a Chargers Stadium would go along way to improving Downtown much as Petco Parks has. We have an amazing team that everyone is very proud of and it will do nothing but benefit businesses and the well being of downtown.

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Local Conservation Efforts Lead To Easing Of Water Restrictions

It's known that a warmer planet is a wetter planet as we are seeing with global warming and the shrinking of the Sahara. More heat = More evaporation of ocean waters = More humidity = More rainfall
I wonder if continued recycling of CO2 back into the atmosphere will increase Southern California's rainfall in the near future or do we have to output a lot more.

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Amazon Scientist Discusses Work With Indigenous Tribes, Saving Rainforest

Should we find a way to increase the amount of CO2 in the air to make the rain forests grow back faster? We are only at 300-400 part per million (ppm) of Co2 in our air vs the dinosaur age when it was closer to 4000ppm which made it possible for lush rain forests to cover the earth from pole to pole which lead to animals to grow to such large sizes.
It would be costly for humans as we lose our coastal cities but the end result would be a rich, forest covered Eden of a green planet once again.

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